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Why 'ssage?

  • I come to you! Battling traffic before and after a massage isn’t exactly restful. Let me bring my traveling massage space to your home or office. I'll provide the massage table (or chair), linens, music and any other necessary goodies.

  • Hands-on Time. The Whole Time. Unlike a lot of massage chains who shave 10 minutes off your session to switch over their clients, my focus is your body for our full 60 or 90 minutes together. I will be arriving 15 minutes prior to our appointment time to set up.

  • Your 'ssage is Custom Tailored for YOU! I don't perform the same old massage I've given to my last 10 clients. I take my cues from what I find under my fingers and our communication together to come up with a session that's really going to meet your needs. I'll make note of your preferences on everything from sheet material and table temperature to prior injuries so your massage is right for you every time.

  • Not an Enya fan? No problem. While traditional massage music is my default, I'm happy to play any kind of music my streaming service provides. I have clients who listen to everything from Frank Sinatra during their sessions to Pink! Whatever helps you feel like you.

  • I Won't Talk The Whole Time. I love a good convo, but this is your time to get acquainted with your body again. I promise I won't take your silence as rudeness.

  • No Tips Expected. Tips drive down wages for my profession and can cause confusion and anxiety. My pricing structure compensates me fairly. Save that money for your next massage.

  • Body Positive & LGBTQ+ Friendly Space. You have a wonderful, truly marvelous body structure that benefits from positive touch, regardless of your gender identity, sexual orientation, weight or fitness level. Know that when you are on my table, you are accepted in your totality without judgment (hairy legs, love handles and all!)

  • Clean Space. All surfaces are thoroughly sanitized between clients and linens are laundered with a sanitizing bleach substitute. I follow all IDPH guidelines in regards to masking and am fully vaccinated and boosted against Covid-19.


Note: Professional ethics and Illinois law require draping for modesty during all massage sessions. Any inappropriate or sexual advances will end your session and you will be permanently removed from my client list.

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